Relocation Moving Services: 3 Ways To Ensure That Your Packed Belongings Are Accounted For

24 February 2017
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It's not unusual for you to not want to stay put in the same place. There are simply so many opportunities and adventures out there waiting for you. Each year, 14.9% of the American population will choose to relocate, whether it's due to a new career opportunity, for a new adventure or experience, to be close to family, or more. Packing up everything that you own and relocating can be a stressful experience, which is why you should highly consider looking into hiring professional movers. To confirm that your packed belongings will end up at their destination or will be accounted for, implement the following 3 tips.

Double Check the Details on the Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the contract between you and the professional movers that specifies the type of services that they are to provide you. The bill of lading will include the amount and type of items that will be packed and relocated, the method of shipment, the delivery address, and the estimated arrival date of your items. The bill of lading will also include any terms and conditions that you need to be aware of in regards to the shipment of your belongings as well. For example, it'll include whether the professional movers guarantee that your belongings will be delivered by a certain date.

To confirm that your items will be shipped to the right destination, make sure that you double check the address to verify whether it is accurate or not. Often times, it's not unusual for homeowners to accidentally ship their items to the wrong address due to accidentally switching the house numbers or even writing down the wrong zip code.

Place Your Contact Information on Labels All Over the Box

If you plan on shipping some of your items by plane or by placing them on another moving truck that will be shared with others, it's important that you place your contact information on the labels all over the boxes. Put more than one label on the box just in case one of the labels becomes damaged during the shipping process. If you don't feel comfortable providing personal and private information, such as your new address, provide information like an email address or a cell phone number instead.

It's also wise to place your contact information on a piece of paper inside the packed boxes. When placing labels on packed boxes, make sure that you use labels that are waterproof. If not, place a layer of tape over the labels.

Opt for Tracking Services

Speak to the moving company to determine the type of shipping processes and services that they are able to provide you. When packing and moving large amount of items, you should highly consider upgrading your services and getting tracking for your packed belongings. Real-time tracking services are not only accurate, but they will also give you a heads up if there will be any delays to the delivery of your items.

Tracking services are not only available for items that will be shipped by plane, but are also available for items that will be sent via a moving truck. It's usually a good idea to get tracking services for your packed boxes if you will be sharing a moving truck with other homeowners who are moving as well.


Keep track of the amount of packed boxes that you have, as well as the contents within each box. It'd be a shame to find yourself missing some important items once you arrive at your new home, especially if you have no idea where those boxes went. The complexity and intricacy of moving can easily allow packed boxes to go missing or be misplaced. The tips mentioned above will help ensure that you'll avoid losses as much as possible.