Getting Organized: Storage Solutions For Your Office Space

4 April 2017
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If your office seems like a cluttered mess, it can often hinder your ability to get work done. Keeping the work area clean and organized is a crucial aspect of an office. It can be very motivating for your team members to have a great, neat space to get inspired and do good work. If you want to get creative with your storage solutions, consider thinking outside the typical cubicles and standard office furniture. Here are some helpful ways to help create an office environment that is ideal for a positive, inspirational workspace:

Heavy-Duty, Clear Storage Containers

One great way to get organized is using clear plastic storage bins for containing various items around the office. Clear is not only practical but also very trendy. Using clear bins allows you to not only see what you have inside but also requires constant neatness. The last thing you want to see is cluttered mess inside your nice storage bins, so they will need to be maintained regularly. Clear containers are on trend now as well. You can see many offices utilizing all sorts of clear storage methods that are very attractive and organized.

Multi-Functional Furniture

You can also utilize your office furniture as a method of storage. The key is to choose pieces that are multi-functional. Look for desks that rise to a standing position with storage underneath or armoires that can double as shelving units for equipment. You may even want to do away with desks altogether and have an unconventional, open concept office with sofas, ottomans, and coffee tables that can all provide storage within. There are no limits to what you can do.

Mobile Shelving

Another way to get more from your space is to use mobile shelving. If you need a way to conceal a wall of unattractive files or stacked bins that you would rather not see, consider getting some sliding mobile shelves to cover them up. You can have them attached to a track above so that they can move about. They are often used to create a wall between things you would rather not see. These shelves can be designed in any style you like, from functional to industrial to decorative.

Decking out an office with smart storage solutions is a great way to get organized. Choose a style and feel that you want to impart on your team when you are researching your creative storage options.