When They Say "Local," What Does it Mean?—Understanding Distance References in Moving

13 April 2017
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Local means different things to different people. If you lived in Canada, "local" means within the boundaries of a particular province. In the U.S., "local" also has different meanings in regards to distance and land areas. When a moving company uses the word "local," as in "local moving help," here is what that means.

Local May Mean Within City Limits

In most cases, the word "local" within the U.S. means "within the city limits or close to the city's boundaries." These movers focus on helping people move from one end of town to another, or to the outskirts of town. Their peripheral territory may extend a little beyond that, if they are the type of moving company that is willing to flex for an extra distance fee.

Local May Mean Within a Fifty- to a Hundred-Mile Radius

The word "local" in other parts of the country may mean that the movers are willing to move you and your stuff anywhere within a fifty- to one hundred-mile radius of their home office. This is common within some southern and central parts of the country, so be sure to ask what "local" means to a particular moving company. If you need to move from one to one-hundred miles, "local" in this context is precisely the correct moving company for your needs.

Local May Mean Within Your State Only

Finally, the state in which you reside may use the word "local" to describe the state as a whole. If that is the case, then the movers you hire may be willing to move you anywhere within state boundaries. If that is acceptable to you and you are not moving out of state or farther away, then "local" movers applies to your situation.

When You Need to Move Just a Little Beyond "Local"

In the event that your home state's definition of "local" does not include the distance you need to move, you might consider hiring long-distance movers. These movers can move all of your stuff just beyond the boundaries of the "local" movers and even farther away, if you need it.

Of course, that launches into a whole new discussion of what is "long distance," as well as movers who label themselves as "international" movers. As is the case with any moving company you want to hire, always be sure to ask them what the farthest distance is that they are willing to move your stuff and you.

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