Four Tips For Moving Home Exercise Equipment

31 May 2017
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Moving a home gym can be difficult. Approaching it the wrong way can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at the worst. Knowing how to prepare and move your home gym will save you time and frustration in the long run.

Nothing Should Move

One of the key ideas when moving large pieces of exercise equipment is to make sure that none of the moving parts are able to move. Moving parts on exercise machines can hit or injure someone during the moving process. To prevent parts from moving, secure them to something stationary with rope or packing tape.

Packing Weights

If you need to pack free weights be mindful of how much they weigh. Milk crates work great for packing weights. Otherwise, consider reinforcing some cardboard boxes.

To reinforce boxes to hold your weights cut two pieces of cardboard. One to fit between the tabs on the bottom inside of your box, and the other to lay on top of that. Glue down the two flaps on the bottom of your box first. Next, glue down the piece you made to fit between them. Then, glue the larger piece you made on top of those. Making the bottom an even surface that's two layers deep will ensure your boxes can support the weight.

If your weights are too heavy to box, they can lay flat on the bed of the moving truck. You should make sure to wrap them in something soft to make sure they don't scratch anything.

Packing a Treadmill

Treadmills may be a little awkward to move, but with a little help from some moving blankets and some rope, it'll be way more simple. To get started, set your treadmill's incline to zero and fold it up. Next, wrap your treadmill in moving blankets to prevent it from being damaged.

Disassemble Larger Equipment

If your exercise equipment is too large you can disassemble it to make it safer and easier to move. To make disassembling less of a headache take pictures of your machine before you take it apart. Taking pictures from each vantage point will help you to reassemble your equipment after you unpack it. You should also place any screws, pins, or bolts, into a plastic baggie and tape them with masking tape to the part they join to the machine.

If you're concerned about moving your exercise equipment safely, talk to a moving company for more info. They will be able to pack and move your exercise equipment safely and quickly.