How To Protect Your Floors On Moving Day

4 September 2017
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Moving into a new home can be exciting, but it is also extremely stressful, as having all of your items in transit represents a danger that they can become damaged. However, one of the most commonly damaged items during moving days isn't anything that you're moving into your new home, but rather something that's already there: the floors. Moving heavy items and appliances into a new home can leave the floors scratched, dirty, and otherwise looking less than their best. In order to protect your new home's floors on moving day, there are a few preventative things that you can do:

Rugs and Blankets

One of the easiest things that you can do to protect your new floors is to put down old rugs and carpets that are already fairly beat up, or even extra moving blankets that you may have in the moving truck, to protect areas of your home that will experience heavy amounts of foot traffic. In particular, you may want to lay down several rugs or blankets in the exterior doorways of your home, because everything in the moving truck is going to pass over that threshold.

Use Dollies

For appliances, heavy or unwieldy pieces of furniture, and other items that are heavy and could scratch the surface of your floor, you must make sure that you use a dolly to transport them (or even two, for those extra-large pieces). Avoid dragging couches and chairs into place, especially on soft floors like hardwood and laminate: if you simply cannot lift an item onto a dolly, you should try to slide a blanket underneath the piece of furniture, and then drag the blanket with the furniture on top of it into place. While more work, this will ensure that no damage will occur to your floors.

Delegate Specific Roles

Though this isn't always possible if you are moving and don't have enough help, if you are using professional movers or have a large group of people helping out, you may want to delegate certain people to work indoors and outdoors. This helps prevent extra dirt, dust, and debris from being tracked all over your new home's floors, and also helps speed the process up by giving everyone clear roles. If this isn't possible, you can always invest in a few pairs of shoe covers to keep the dirt tracked throughout your home to a bare minimum. 

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