3 Tips To Follow When Using RV Self Storage

11 November 2020
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Getting RV self-storage for your recreational vehicle is a great way to stay on top of the maintenance of this unit and free up space on your property. An RV storage facility is similar to a traditional storage facility and allows you to safely store your large vehicle for several months at a time with a month-to-month rental contract on the space you choose.

Here is a guide to help you get the most out of your RV self-storage experience. Once you have found an RV self-storage unit you like, you can pay monthly until your next adventure.

Decide what type of storage you want

Your RV self-storage unit can be entirely contained, can be open with just a canopy-style roof, or can actually just be a parking spot in a lot at a traditional storage facility. While the best option is to choose a fully enclosed unit, you can pick whatever type of RV self-storage will meet your needs and budget best.

Pick a budget

Every RV self-storage facility charges its own rates, and usually enclosed storage units are more expensive than others. You may be able to save money by choosing a seasonal contract for your RV storage. This means you'll pay a flat rate for a set number of months for RV storage — as Alaska does — and after this point, you'll negotiate a monthly contract or renew for another season. Your budget will determine whether you can get an indoor unit or just a parking space in a regular storage unit facility, or something in between. Pick your budget for RV storage before you shop for a unit so you know which units are available to you.

Maintain your RV

Your RV needs to be readied for storage by being maintained. Have fluids checked, filled, or drained as necessary, make sure the battery is fully charged, check the air in the tires, winterize the RV if needed, and perform other maintenance tasks on the unit before you put it in storage. A cared-for RV can last up to a few decades, and if you have the unit maintained prior to putting it into RV self-storage, it can last up to that long and possibly longer.

Putting your RV in a storage facility can be beneficial in helping your RV last longer and remain reliable for years to come. Before you pick just any storage facility, shop around to see if there is a reliable RV self-storage facility near you that can meet your needs and store your RV safely.