Extra Services Local Moving Businesses Provide To Customers

6 October 2021
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If you are moving from one home to another, you are likely inundated with several tasks to undertake for the big day. Moving is a chaotic time and requires advanced planning to ensure everything gets to its new location without incident. Here are some services that moving companies provide to make moving day easier.

Packing Services

One of the most time-consuming procedures that need to take place before a move is the packing of personal belongings. You need to wrap items in bubble wrap, stick other items inside boxes, and cover bigger pieces in protective sheets or blankets. Each of these tasks takes time and materials. Some moving companies provide packing services in addition to the transport of items to their destination. When you contact a moving company to inquire about the services they provide, be sure to ask about packing and whether they provide the materials necessary to do the job. Some have materials only, while others have workers that help with the entire process.

Exact Location Services

If you worry about your belongings getting from point A to point B, hiring a moving service that allows you to track the moving van or truck is an option to keep in mind. You will be provided with log-in information which you plug into fields within a website at any given time. From here, you will see where the vehicle is located. This is helpful if you have a deadline to meet regarding the unpacking of your items, as you can show up at your new home right around the time the vehicle arrives. The vehicle is equipped with a GPS system, which allows you to take a sneak peek at its whereabouts whenever you wish.

White-Glove Services

Many people await the moving vehicle and take it upon themselves to reposition their furnishings and belongings after the service leaves. The items are brought inside, but not positioned perfectly. If you want to go a step further, you can hire a moving company that provides white-glove service. This entails the moving workers coming into your new home and properly placing every item according to your specifications. This is usually done with a plan made out in advance, so the service can get to the job even before you arrive. You will then enjoy coming in to a furnished home, complete with decorations, already in place and ready to be lived in without unpacking at all.

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